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South Ossetia, Five Days in August 2008, The Truth Revealed

My name is Joe Mestas. I am an United Staes citizen. I was in Tskhinval on August 26, 2009. Independence for the United States occured 234 years ago.

I congratulate the people of South Ossetia on the one year anniversary of Russia’s recognition of South Ossetia, which is an important day for all the people of South Ossetia.

This was the first true step in achieving realistic peace in Kavkaz.

Now I ask the top news talk show hosts, like Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck and Larry King. I ask all the people of North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Austrailia, Antartika. The heads of government of the world…and my President Barack Obama.

Read the book, «South Ossetia, Five Days in August». If you can not find a copy, email me and I will email you a copy. My email address is onthegulf@gmail.com

You have heard Saakashvili’s fabricated stories, now it is time to learn the truth about the chronological events leading up to and including the war of 2008. Then, I believe that you will agree, South Ossetia deserves to be recognized by the world.

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